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Northern Lights Weed Pre-rolls – Indica – by Dimebag


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Northern Lights Weed Pre-rolls – Indica – by Dimebag


What are Northern Lights Weed Pre-rolls – Indica – by Dimebag all about?

Northern Lights Weed Pre-rolls by DimeBag are strong Indica Pre-rolls containing the famous Northern Lights cannabis strain.  Perhaps among the most beloved strains of weed all time. The strain has pure indica genetics and is popular among cultivators for its fast flowering times. Purple-tinged resinous buds, and resilience to pests and disease. DimeBag, as part of its mission to provide consumers with safe products suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

The effects of Northern Lights, particularly when inhaled, are near immediate. The weed itself is pungently sweet, borderline spicy and potent enough for even diehard connoisseurs. DimeBag Northern Lights Pre-rolls contain as much as 19.49 percent THC, guaranteeing a dreamy, euphoric state. Complete relaxation, total calm of body and mind, and even couchlock at high doses.

Patients use Northern Lights to treat insomnia. It is a powerful sedative. They also use it to stimulate appetite, reduce anxiety, and relieve chronic and severe pain. It is an ideal strain for lazing about the house or recuperating post-surgery or -accident. However, because of its tranquilizing properties, Northern Lights is not advisable for daytime use. You will not get much work done.

Medical patients get the most benefit out of the Northern Lights strain, but because of its pure indica genetics, delightful taste, and knockout effects, it is popular among recreational users too.

THC: 19.49%

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