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About Ocean Grown Extracts Pineapple Gummies

Ocean Grown Extracts Pineapple Gummies are from a famous cannabis brand in California. Ocean Grown is famous for her indoor-grown boutique cannabis strain. Ocean Grown Extracts was founded in 2013 and has grown to become one of Cali’s best cannabis product companies, owing to her unwavering ethic on quality, and consistency on dosage. Ocean Grown works with a team of world-class professionals to create gourmet edibles through original thinking.

What is Ocean Grown Pineapple Gummies?

Ocean Grown Extracts’ Gummies are handcrafted with care and have a formulation you can trust. Pineapple gummies has a delectable flavor and a consistent high that starts with a smooth head high which progresses to a warm, cozy body high. This provides the perfect experience for edible lovers looking to unwind after a busy day.

Ocean Grown Extracts’ Pineapple Gummies are vegan, gluten- and diary-free. From the occasional recreational user to the routine stoner, these gummies are packed with the right amount of flavor and THC for an enjoyable experience.

Pineapple gummies contains a propriety recipe, full spectrum cannabis oil, and 15 doses.

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