SFV OG Vape Cartridge by Dime Bag – Hybrid

4.67 out of 5 SFV OG Vape Cartridge by Dime Bag - Hybrid
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SFV OG Vape Cartridge by Dime Bag – Hybrid

1 gram

What is the SFV OG Vape Cartridge?

The SFV OG Vaping Cartridge by Dime Bag is a local favorite. Its popularity is intense. San Fernando Valley OG, or SFV OG, a local strain of pride, is a potent cannabis strain famous for its slightly Sativa-heavy and mildly trippy effects. It has strong Indica genes too, though, which can make you lazier than productivity requires, so keep doses small to survive the day. Its quality is superb. Its taste supreme.

Because Dime Bag’s SFV OG cartridges measure THC content around 80 percent, expect extreme potency. A puff or two is all you need. Really. Too much can feel sedating, but in ideal quantities, SFV is an energizing, creative, sociable and focused strain. Eventually its Indica genes do kick in, which will leave you relaxed, calm, sleepy, and likely hungry. Just in time for bed, especially helpful for insomniacs.

If you vape medicinally, the SFV OG is a great strain for relief. Dime Bag provides a pure full spectrum cannabis oil for vaping, rich in various cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. All combine their properties for a powerful antidepressant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antiemetic, anticancer, antispasmodic, antitumor, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, and anti-much, much more.

However, despite its therapeutic value, the Dime Bag SFV OG Vaping Cartridge is popular among recreational users too. Its happy, trippy, daytime-friendly effects are a major attraction for most.

THC: 80.34%

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1 Gram

3 reviews for SFV OG Vape Cartridge by Dime Bag – Hybrid

  1. Eugenia
    5 out of 5


    Great cartridge! Thanks

  2. Candy
    5 out of 5


    The cart is niceeee! Works well and strong!!

  3. Dorothea
    4 out of 5


    Cartridge is straight FIRE! Some super dank

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