Rove Reserve OG Live Resin Pen

Rove Live Resin Reserve OG Vape Cartridge – Indica


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Live Resin Reserve OG Vape Cartridge by Rove – Indica


What is the Rove Reserve OG Live Resin Vape Pen?

The famous Rove Reserve OG Live Resin comes pre-filled in a slick cartridge. With .525 grams of pure live resin extracted from the notorious Reserve OG strain, these tasty vape clouds promise a serious buzz. THC tests at near 90 percent per cartridge, making it incredibly potent. The strain itself is Indica-dominant delight, most suited to late afternoon, evening use. It is not advisable during the day.

Because THC concentrations are so high, expect to get very stoned. Using supercritical CO2 extraction technology, this live resin is insanely potent. Being Indica-heavy, it boosts mood, enhances creativity, and acts as the perfect tranquilizer to glue you to the couch, where it leaves you content, hungry, sleepy, and happy with life. Its potency and thick, tasty clouds are the reasons for its huge popularity.

Medicinally, Rove guarantees a full-spectrum extract with the therapeutic properties of the many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the Reserve OG strain. All work together for the full entourage effect, so you get maximum benefit. This vape pen treats insomnia, pain, inflammation, spasms, anxiety, seizures, depression, appetite loss, nausea, PTSD, cancer, and even its side effects.

The Rove Live Resin Reserve OG Vape Pen benefits everybody who uses it, whether for medical or other reasons. Its full flavor, immense potency, Indica-heaviness, and value for money put it in high demand.

THC: 89.6%

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