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Orange Bang Live Resin by STIIIZY- Sativa- 1 Gram


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Orange Bang Live Resin by STIIIZY- Sativa- 1 Gram

Orange Bang Live Resin by STIIIZY is a very popular cannabis concentrate in California. These jars contain one gram of the finest curated resin possible. Quality comes assured, tested independently in a laboratory. THC measures around 60 percent. Orange Bang is the Sativa-leaning child of the famous Orange Cookies and Blowtops strains, so you know you are getting only the very, very best. No doubt.

This is a good choice for daytime use. In moderation, of course. Its potency makes too much frightening for the unprepared. Newbies should go slowly. In responsible doses, Orange Bang is lively, happy, busy, creative, focused, sociable, euphoric, and typical of the best Sativas. It will keep you up at night, but after several hours, you will eventually sleep. Expect the deepest, most fitful sleep you have had yet.

For patients, Orange Bang, especially in potent resin form, offers many benefits. It promises fast-acting relief from a myriad of health issues. It effectively treats inflammation, nausea, pain, fatigue, vomiting, depression, appetite issues, sleeping problems, muscular disorders, cancers, seizures, convulsions, anxiety, glaucoma, headaches, tumors, social ills, concentration woes, and too much more to name.

Despite this, STIIIZY Orange Bang Live Resin is even more popular for recreational use. It benefits all who try it, all who love its incredible potency, unique effects, intense flavors, and delightfully happy vibe.

THC: 82%

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