Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle Weed Strain – Sativa – by THC Design


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Orange Creamsicle Weed Strain – Sativa – by THC Design


What is the Orange Creamsicle Weed Strain – Sativa – by THC Design?

Orange creamsicle weed strain is popular for its wonderful taste, intense smell and great creative high. This strain was created by crossing Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, two wonderfully flavorful strains of weed. The Orange Creamsicle certainly lives up to its name. A great strain for any daytime activities, you can expect a boost in mental clarity, along with some enhanced social skills.

The effects will take a little while to kick in but, when they do, you will feel ready to paint or conduct a masterpiece. This strain is known for its sticky buds, that are highly potent and pungent. This is a great strain for anyone feeling anxiety or fatigue. As the strain wakes you up and puts you on the right track.

The euphoric and energetic effects make Orange Creamsicle a best seller in the industry. Enjoy the pungent strain in Los Angeles today.

THC: 25.94%

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