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Orange Crush Disposable Pen – Sativa – by Pure – 300mg

5.00 out of 5 Orange Crush Disposable Pen - Sativa - by Pure - 300mg
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Orange Crush Disposable Pen – Sativa – by Pure – 300mg


What is an Orange Crush Disposable Pen?

The Orange Crush Disposable Pen by Pure Vape belongs to the Pure One range of vaping cartridges. This one, derived from the delightful Sativa-dominant Orange Crush strain, is especially popular. The company prides itself on using next generation extraction technology to ensure quality and safety. Triple distilled using no solvents whatsoever; you can expect a pure vaping experience and nothing less.

Because Orange Crush is a Sativa-heavy strain, the effects of this vaping pen are energizing, focusing, incentivizing. This is a happy, carefree, and physically busy strain, just perfect for daytime use. However, because of its potency, it is wise to go slowly. Too much can have the opposite effect, since Orange Crush has powerful Indica genes too. It can make you sleepy, hungry, relaxed, and even couchlocked.

For those vaping medicinally, Orange Crush is a great strain for therapeutic use. It relieves fatigue, concentration problems, and improves mood. The extraction technology the company uses also improves efficacy of cannabinoids, and they include the full spectrum for treating pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, headaches, insomnia, and even cancer, along with the side effects of treating it.

Although popular among patients, everybody benefits from the Pure Vape Orange Crush Disposable Pen. It is potent, tasty, and it promises a pleasant, uplifting kick on just those days you need it most.

THC: 85%

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1 review for Orange Crush Disposable Pen – Sativa – by Pure – 300mg

  1. Mayra
    5 out of 5


    Great Flavor! Strain comes on fast! High was wonderful and just to boost I was looking to receive

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