Orange Fruity Pebbles

Orange Fruity Pebbles weed – Hybrid – by Redwood Reefer


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Orange Fruity Pebbles weed – Hybrid – by Redwood Reefer

Orange Fruity Pebbles by Redwood Reefer offers an experience that flies off shelves everywhere in California. Available in 3.5-gram jars, Orange Fruity Pebbles brings life to any occasion. This strain combines the legendary flavors of Fruity Pebbles OG and Orange Juice, as well as potency, purity, and other good traits too. THC levels hover around 21 percent, a potency ideal for use anywhere, anytime.

Orange Fruity Pebbles is truly the perfect strain for introducing cannabis to newbies. Its potency is gentle, yet notable. You feel effects near immediately, with a creeping cerebral buzz that will have you laughing at everything, feeling energetic and sociable, and even completing wayward projects. If you have too much, however, expect sleepiness, even couchlock. In large doses, it can even get tranquilizing.

Medicinally, patients can find much relief from these buds. Cannabinoids and terpenoids present are effective at treating a myriad of diseases, mild to serious. This strain offers powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiemetic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticancer, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antitumor, antispasmodic, antiepileptic, and other effects. It treats fatigue in small doses, insomnia in large ones.

Despite its many uses, Redwood Reefer Orange Fruity Pebbles is popular among all who try it, both patients and recreational users alike. It is alert and happy, potent, tasty, and suitable at any time.

THC: 19.46%

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