Orange Sunset

Orange Sunset Cannabis Strain – Hybrid – by Wonderbrett


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Orange Sunset Cannabis Strain – Hybrid – by Wonderbrett

What is the Orange Sunset Strain – Hybrid – by Wonderbrett?

Orange Sunset Cannabis by Wonderbrett is a classy hybrid of intense popularity in California. These buds ooze quality, being its company’s pride and joy. Orange Sunset combines OZ Kush with the delectable Orange Banana, and with very tasty results. Tests find THC levels measuring a whopping 30 percent, making this nicely balanced hybrid incredibly potent. What is more, they find these buds pure. Free of contaminants.

Because of its immense potency, this is a strain for the adventurous. Effects are immediate. One puff. Two at most. Its cerebral buzz is legendary. It is euphoric, happy, confident, giggly, sociable, and ideal for use anytime, anywhere, no matter the occasion. As such, it is a popular daytime strain. It will eventually turn sleepy, of course, especially the more you smoke of it. For most, this is often just in time for bed.

Those using cannabis as therapy find much benefit from the cannabinoid profile of Orange Sunset. It effectively relieves fatigue, getting you through the even the toughest days. It treats pain, inflammation, depression, nausea, anxiety, spasms, vomiting, cancers, headaches, glaucoma, toxicity, tumors, concentration problems, social issues, sleeping disorders, appetite worries, and much, much more.

Everybody enjoys Wonderbrett Orange Sunset. It does not benefit medical users only. Its potency entices folks with all manner of intentions, mostly for its tasty flavor profile and pleasantness of effects.

  • THC: 31%
  • Medical Uses: Depression, Stress, Headaches, Fatigue, Relieves Pain

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