Orange Zkittles

Orange Zkittles Cannabis Strain – Sativa

5.00 out of 5 Orange Zkittles Cannabis Strain – Sativa
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Product Description

Orange Zkittles Cannabis Strain


What is Orange Zkittles?

Orange Zkittles, or just OZ, is a Sativa-dominant cross of Zkittles and Agent Orange, two famous strains in their own right. Grown lovingly by Kanebes in ideal conditions free of all pesticides and toxins, these tasty citrus buds are huge, densely compact. This is a very potent strain. Independent tests measure THC levels as high as 26 percent, making this daytime-suitable strain not for the novice or faint of heart.

Effects are instantaneous. You will feel immediately energized, with a powerful cerebral buzz to focus the mind and get any job done, except those that involve operating machinery. This active, sociable strain has, despite its suitability for daytime use, an extremely powerful kick. Eventually effects will start to wear off, leaving you sleepy, content, hungry, and happy to stay glued to your couch until morning.

For patients, Orange Zkittles promises a horde of medical benefits. This strain has massive benefits. It relieves anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, headaches, neuropathic pain, psychosis, vomiting, seizures, nausea, muscular disorders, spasticity, spasms, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and so much more. Patients use this strain to treat the symptoms of most illnesses, from mild to severe.

Medical patients are not the only ones to enjoy Kanebes Orange Zkittles. Recreational users benefit too, and everybody loves its sweet and sour taste, its potency, and its daytime-friendly, very pleasant effects.

Total THC: 847.35mg

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2 reviews for Orange Zkittles Cannabis Strain – Sativa

  1. Deshawn
    5 out of 5


    Works great for headaches, and pain! The high was uplifting and enjoyable

  2. Hyman
    5 out of 5


    That is some exotic herb, new flavor for me and a big big fan!!

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