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Passion Guava Weed Strain – Sativa – by Mylar


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Passion Guava Weed Strain – Sativa – by Mylar

Passion Guava weed by Mylar and Herbarium is a great example of two companies combining skills. This tasty strain is the Sativa child of its potent parents, Passion Fruit and Guava. THC levels test around 17.7 percent and it is a strain rich in other cannabinoids too. Grown in ideal conditions, each 3.5-gram bag of these buds promises quality. Purity too and tests prove it. These buds contain no contaminants whatsoever.

Because this is such a potent strain, newbies should go slow. Being a Sativa-heavy hybrid, effects are perfect for daytime use. You feel them immediately. First, a powerful kick between the cerebral cortex. This will leave you energetic, busy, motivated, focused, sociable, and generally happy and productive. In large doses, it can feel a bit spacey for getting things done, and after several hours, it fast turns sleepy.

If you are a medical patient, then rest assured you would feel no more fatigue. Passion Guava offers an abundance of other useful properties too. It is effective and proven analgesic, antiemetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antitumor, antiepileptic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antispasmodic and more. It treats appetite problems and it helps to regulate wayward sleeping cycles.

Patients do not benefit alone from this Herbarium and Mylar Passion Guava collaboration. Everybody does, no matter his or her reason for using. It is potent, tasty, pleasant, and ideal for use during the day.

THC: 17.7%

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