Pie Gal Weed strain

Pie Gal Weed Strain – Hybrid – by Costal Sun

5.00 out of 5 Pie Gal Weed Strain - Hybrid - by Costal Sun
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Pie Gal Weed Strain – Hybrid – by Costal Sun

Pie Gal weed strain by Coastal Sun is a unique strain wonderful for relaxing and relieving stress, a perfect go-to for hybrid lovers. Ecologically-farmed in Green Valley, Coastal Sun uses cutting edge hydroponic technology to create these awesome buds.  Made with all natural nutrients and excellent greenhouse cultivation up to Costal Sun’s highest standards.

Originally named Pai Gow (which is a mystery), the strain is especially rich with terpene giving you an extremely clean and balanced smell or taste as you inhale & exhale. You will taste the berry scents brought by their parents Jack Herer and Purple Punch, which are also inspired by Shiva Shakti and Larry OG genetics. It’s good for mood enhancement, euphoria, clarity, and mild pain relief. Truly, it’s a whiff of something from the old days, like when our mom pulls something out from the oven on Sundays..

THC: 21%

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1 review for Pie Gal Weed Strain – Hybrid – by Costal Sun

  1. Carmela
    5 out of 5


    Great high quality nugs! Awesome bit of herb

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