Pie Hoe

Pie Hoe weed – Hybrid – by Kings Garden

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Pie Hoe weed – Hybrid – by Kings Garden

Pie Hoe weed by Kings Garden is a bestselling mildly Indica-heavy strain. Its parents, Grape Pie and Tahoe OG, combine their best traits in this strain. Kings Garden tends these buds lovingly, growing them in perfect conditions. Each 3.5-gram jar holds quality. Purity. Tests find no contaminants whatsoever, and since effects are nicely balanced, this is a favorite daytime strain. However, caution always comes advised.

Because THC levels measure around 26 percent, Pie Hoe is notoriously potent. Effects are immediate, no lingering around waiting for them. You will feel an instant surge of energy, a cerebral buzz that will kick start you into action. This is a busy strain. Motivating and creative. However, the Indica genes of Tahoe OG make themselves known. Eventually, this will leave you feeling content, calm, and very relaxed.

For medical users, Pie Hoe is very promising. Its richness in cannabinoids and terpenoids make it an ideal strain for elevating mood, lifting fatigue, and boosting sociability. It alleviates pain, inflammation, headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, epilepsy, spasms, convulsions, cancers, tumors, appetite problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, and much more. It has an excellent medical profile.

Everybody benefits from the Kings Garden Pie Hoe strain, though, not patients alone. These tasty nugs promise nicely balanced effects suitable for daytime use, a tasty flavor profile, and immense potency.

THC: 26.86%

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