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PLUS Balance Sour Blueberry Gummies – Hybrid


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PLUS Balance Sour Blueberry Gummies – Hybrid

70mg THC

30mg CBD

Balance Sour Blueberry Gummies by PLUS are easily among the most popular gummies in California. PLUS uses modern extraction technologies to infuse an evenly balanced hybrid strain. The result is, as its name suggests, a balanced buzz, one suitable for daytime use. Tests find no impurities. Only cannabinoids, of which THC measures five milligrams per gummy. You get 20 in a 100-milligram pack.

You also get a sour blueberry kick of note. These gummies are potent. Effects might take a little time to feel, but you will eventually feel them. For this reason, it is wise to wait before consuming more. What starts as a cerebral buzz, a kick to the brainstem, soon turns very relaxing. Sociable, talkative, giggly. After a few hours, you feel so calm that sleep will come easily. Moreover, you will sleep until morning.

If you are a medical patient or otherwise using cannabis for health reasons, then these gummies are especially useful. Because they contain a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD and CBN, you get the full entourage effect. They offer anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, antioxidant, antiepileptic, anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, anticancer, antitumor, and other important properties.

Not only patients benefit from PLUS Balance Sour Blueberry Gummies, though. Recreational users love them too, mostly for their intense sour flavors, balanced potency, suitability for daytime use, and more.

20 gummy edibles

5mg each

70mg THC total per Tin

30mg CBD total per Tin

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