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Infused Pre-roll Ice Cream Cake weed – by NUG – 1 Gram


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Infused Pre-roll Ice Cream Cake weed – by NUG – 1 Gram

The Ice Cream Cake weed Pre-Roll by NUG is a bestseller in California. Rolled lovingly by hand, these readymade joints contain one gram of Ice Cream Cake, a notoriously potent Indica-heavy strain. This is the result of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, its flavor clearly inherited from its tasty parents. THC levels are as high as 25 percent, and because NUG focuses on quality, you know they test pure of toxins too.

The buzz is immediate, after just one puff. Maybe two. Effects are cerebral at first, very euphoric, sociable and giggly. It soon turns very physical, promising an almighty body stone. This is a relaxing strain. One most suitable for use in the late afternoon, evening, even bedtime. In large doses, in can feel especially sedating. Newbies should take care and prepare good food first. The “munchies” is certain.

If you are a medical user, then this strain has much therapeutic potential for use in treatment. Studies prove its cannabinoids effective at relieving all types of pain, acute and chronic. It lowers inflammation, reduces stress and its associated ailments. It quells nausea and vomiting, treats depression, anxiety, appetite issues, headache, glaucoma, convulsions, muscular disorders, seizures, spasms, and yet more.

Everybody benefits from the NUG Ice Cream Cake Pre-Roll, however. It is not only for patients. Folks everywhere love it for recreational use, mostly for its flavors, potency, and hard-hitting Indica effects.

THC: 39%

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