Punch Milk Chocolate

Punch Milk Chocolate edible – Hybrid – 90mg

5.00 out of 5 Punch Milk Chocolate edible - Hybrid - 90mg
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Product Description

Punch Milk Chocolate edible – Hybrid – 90mg

PUNCH Milk Chocolate edible contains 90mg of THC per bar and is a delicious gourmet chocolate bar. This Chocolate edible is a great treat for those who love chocolate and marijuana. Made with 100% sustainable ingredients, this Milk Chocolate offers a unique high and taste. The product is lab-tested for efficiency & safety and packed with strong doses of legal cannabis.

PUNCH Milk Chocolate edibles provide full-body instant relief and relaxation after just 15-30 minutes. Start off with a couple bites and work from that point, to see how much you need to feel the edible. Expect a great taste and flavor from this Milk Chocolate edible. All Punch chocolates contain 90mg of pure legal Cannabis. As this is a legal marijuana edible, you can bank on a safe and great high.

THC: 90mg

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1 review for Punch Milk Chocolate edible – Hybrid – 90mg

  1. James
    5 out of 5


    This one caught me off guard. It was subtle at first, but then hit hard. It is strong so take the advise on the description. A little goes a long way. Do not take too much before you understand the effect. Once you understand it, it is fantastic. Be careful…..and enjoy

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