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Pura Vida Edible Coconut protein bite – 25mg THC

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Product Description

Pura Vida Edible Coconut protein bite – 25mg THC

If you’re one of those consumers who see marijuana as more than just a stoner’s friend, then Pura Vida is just the brand for you. Coming from its range of medicinal marijuana edible products, Pura Vida Coconut Vanilla Protein bite is the real winner for those who often have sweet tooth cravings.

The bars are rich in protein and packed with the potency of cannabis. A perfect snack to munch on for that burst of energy! It also makes for a great daytime snack. The texture of the bar is chewy and it will keep you fueled for hours.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the bar’s ingredients –

  • Gooey sweet dates
  • dreamy sweet vanilla
  • maple extra
  • rich coconut fiber

Although it’s a medicinal cannabis product, but the taste is so heavenly that you will forget it’s meant for medicinal purpose.

This vegan cannabis coconut bar is –

  • 100% vegan
  • Used with Non-GMO dates
  • Coconut Pea protein
  • made with organically sourced ingredients
  • Gluten-free

Try the vegan cannabis protein bar today.

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1 review for Pura Vida Edible Coconut protein bite – 25mg THC

  1. Omar
    5 out of 5


    Wonderful taste and lovely high, i think the fact that this is a all natural edible which is actually good for you, does the body well

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