Pure Vape Gorilla Glue Cartridges

Pure Vape Gorilla Glue Oil Cartridges – Hybrid – 500mg


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Product Description

Pure Vape Gorilla Glue Oil Cartridges


About Pure Vape Hybrid Cartridge

Pure Vape Hybrid Gorilla Glue CO2 cartridge is SC Lab tested to contain 73.4% THC and 0.53% CBD. Bursting with the freshness of natural flavors and aromas, this vape oil concentrate is triple distilled to deliver the highest quality and potency.

Pure Vape cartridges provide a smooth vaping experience as they are designed for easy use. The evenly heating process is designed to produce 10 times more vapor while it eradicates the burnt taste that results from “oil to metal coil” system.

Gorilla Glue (a.k.a. GG) is a hybrid strain that delivers intense euphoria and relaxation. It has the ability to couch-lock you. Gorilla Glue has a rich, piney taste and aroma that complements its extremely potent effects, giving you a more pleasant experience as you medicate against a myriad of symptoms and ailments.

Pure Vape leads the industry with their 100% natural cannabis oil concentrates. At Pure Vape, concentrates are carefully extracted though a modern CO2 process and every batch is triple distilled to maintain the highest standards in purity and safety.

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  • Features

    • No oil to coil burning (Most ideal vaping technology)
    • Triple Distilled Oil
    • Richer Vapor and Extreme Potency
    • Solvent-free
    • Full Terpene Profile

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