Pure Vape Wiz Khalifa OG Cartridges

Pure Vape Wiz Kahlifa OG Vape Cartridges – Indica

5.00 out of 5 Pure Vape Wiz Kahlifa OG Vape Cartridges - Indica
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Product Description

Pure Vape Wiz Kahlifa OG Vape Cartridges



  • Healthiest Vaping Experience
  • Extreme Potency
  • Solventfree
  • No Glycol or Glycerin
  • Full-bodied Terpene Profile

The need for both recreational and medical users to integrate cannabis into their daily lives drives the innovation for more stylish and technologically advanced vape cartridges; and to make comparisons put Pure Vape products on top of the list. Introducing the cleanest vape oil in state-of-the-art ceramic cartridges, Pure leads the industry with their line of extremely potent and flavor-packed cannabis concentrates.

How Potent are the Pure Vape Wiz Kahlifa OG Vape Cartridges ?

Pure Vape Wiz Khalifa OG CO2 cartridges offer 74.5% THC concentration—one of the highest potency levels you will find on the market. Extracted through a proprietary CO2 method and triple distilled for utmost purity, this Indica Vape presents you a clean cannabis concentrate packed with the natural tastes and flavors of the original strain.

Many brands on the market claim to offer solvent-free oil concentrates that contain the original terpene profiles of the strain, but sell products that fail to deliver on the promises they make as regards quality and potency. However, with Pure products, what you read on the label is what you get.

Working with a team of highly experienced specialists, Pure only produces 100% organic vape oils that is compliant with Prop 215 regulations. This results in the highest quality concentrates that are extremely potent, and true to the taste.

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The Pure Vape Wiz Khalifa OG is deeply relaxing but social, having you feeling comfortable in a couch while discussing matters that will make you forget the challenges of your Trumpian existence. This mainly Indica effect is complemented by potent citrus and earthy notes, as you puff away your stress and anxiety.


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2 reviews for Pure Vape Wiz Kahlifa OG Vape Cartridges – Indica

  1. Mason
    5 out of 5


    High quality!!

  2. Isaiah
    5 out of 5


    Good, solvent free cartridge!!

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