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Paris OG Pure Vape Cartridge – Indica


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Paris OG Pure Vape Cartridge


What is Paris OG Pure Vape Cartridge?

PureONE is Pure Vape’s range of delicious and potent vaping cartridges. They come in different strains offering different effects. Its Paris OG vaping oil is a powerful Indica-dominant strain with immense medicinal value in its high CBD content. With THC levels nearing 86 percent in a 500-milligram cartridge, you get a serious buzz with every hit that kicks in fast and lasts several blissful, calming hours.

Crossed with the multiple award-winning OG Kush, Paris OG is itself winning awards with its zesty sweet, tarty citrus, and woodsy spice flavors. Its effects are immediate, washing you in happy contentment, making you very relaxed and eventually extremely sleepy. This sedating strain is not ideal for daytime use. It is more of a nighttime strain, best consumed a few hours before bed.

Because of its incredible potency and tranquilizing effects, Paris OG is an extremely valuable medical strain. Patients use it to treat insomnia, stress-related complaints, nausea, appetite loss, pain, muscular spasms and spasticity, epilepsy, and more. With CBD testing at .25 percent, it offers many health benefits as an antiemetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and so much more.

All vapers can benefit from Pure Vape Paris OG cartridge in indica form. Tasty, potent, and rich in natural flavors, this is one of the top selling cartridges in California today.


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