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Critical Purple Kush Cartridges – Indica – by Cresco


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Critical Purple Kush Cartridges – Indica – by Cresco


Purple Kush is a famous Indica Cannabis strain with origins that trace back to Northern California. A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this flower is known for its awesome potency and strong, earthy aroma. By extracting this wonderful strain into it’s purest form, Cresco has created one of the hardest-hitting oil cartridges you’ll find in California. In the market for a killer Indica vape cartridge? These Purple Kush Cartridges will provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Because Cresco’s Purple Kush cartridges contain Indica cannabis oil, they are best used at night or before bed, but can also be used whenever serious relaxation is called for. On top of its famous potency, this top-shelf strain is also associated with providing relief to sufferers of chronic pain as well as insomnia. You will simply not find a higher quality oil cartridge at a lower price than this amazing Critical Purple Kush Cartridge by Cresco.

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THC: 81.02%

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