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Raw Tips – Natural Unrefined

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Product Description

Raw Tips – Natural Unrefined

Made from the purest Hemp paper, Raw Natural Unrefined Tips are the finest offering for weed lovers.

The hemp paper used for making the tips is grown organically. It’s completely free from chlorine and is unbleached which gives it that naturally beautiful light brown hue. Being a hybrid offering, you get that nearly translucent paper. To prevent the paper from getting damaged it features a watermark. Result? – You get a roll that burns for a long time.

Upon lighting the paper of these pre-rolled tips, you are sure to get a natural, pure, and great smoking experience. Most of the mills use cellulose to make the paper. But, originally it’s supposed to contain a high fiber portion. In order for this unfiltered tip to deliver the best performance, the makers of this product have added boiled cellulose and fiber.

The tips are smooth to roll and have substantial structural rigidity so that the paper doesn’t lose its shape when put in mouth.

Here are some added features of this product –

  • Incredible filter tip highly recommended for users who like to roll their own cigs
  • offers added strength so the cigarette can retain the shape even upon usage
  • stops the end of cigarette from getting wasted
  • A 100% vegan product

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3 reviews for Raw Tips – Natural Unrefined

  1. vhony
    5 out of 5


    Raw Tips is an excellent product!! Very good and effective.

  2. jesse
    5 out of 5


    100% vegan all natural product, highly recommended.

  3. jhon ll.m


    The best Tips for smoking around, that is for sure

  • Denny
    5 out of 5


    Just what i was looking for

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