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Rico weed strain – Indica – by Green Dragon


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Rico weed strain – Indica – by Green Dragon

Rico weed by Green Dragon is a bestselling cannabis strain across California. These buds are popular and come available in 3.5-gram jars. Green Dragon prioritizes quality. Purity comes assured, as does potency. Tests find no contaminants, like pesticides or worse. Instead, they find THC and other cannabinoids. Potency measures around 29 percent. For this Indica-heavy child of London and Cake Mix, you will want more.

Because of its high potency, effects are extreme. Newbies should take note. Connoisseurs too. You will feel the effects of Rico immediately. It kicks right between the ears, starting with a powerful head high that soon turns physically relaxing. A drowsy strain, it stimulates appetite, especially in big doses. As such, it is most suitable for late afternoon and evening use. It can get a bit too sleepy during the day.

Patients find much relief from Rico. Its cannabinoid profile offers an abundance of uses. You can use it to treat all manner of health issues. It provides effective relief from all kinds of pain, inflammation, nausea, cancer, vomiting, anxiety, depression, tumors, toxicity, glaucoma, headaches, convulsions, insomnia, seizures, spasms, appetite problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, and so much more. Every time.

Despite its medical efficacy, Green Dragon Rico is a favorite among recreational users. Loved for its insane potency, its intense flavor profile, and its longevity and pleasantness of effects, you will be back.

THC: 29.5%

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