Romulan (Sativa)

Romulan (Sativa)

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Product Description

Romulan (Sativa) San Fernando Valley Los Angeles

Romulan Marijuana Strain is a magnificent strain with hybrid Indica dominant. It is strongly recommended from all Trekkie stoners. Due to the presence  of some Sativa genetics as well this strain have some unique characteristics. It is a famous purple stemmed weed with squat & widely bushy.  The plant is slightly endangered to mold & drier climates are preferred. It has a fruity smell just like lemon but with peppery finish.

This strain is not difficult to spot due to its strong scent (which is similar to pine) and also by it’s buds. Romulan flowers in 60 days. These buds are light green in color having dense buds which are covered in resin & with lots of orange hairs.


What Effects Can You Expect From Romulan (Sativa)?

Romulan is famous for its potent narcotic-like stone. Users often find themselves stuck to one spot & may be conquer by a sleepy-laziness. It can be intense if used in high concentrations, with possible dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.


Classification: Hybrid  (75% Indica / 25% Sativa)
Growing Environment: Indoor and Outdoors
Garden Skills: Intermediate
Flowering Time: 60 days
Yield: Low
THC Range: 20%
Medical Uses: Great for Pain Relief, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety and Lack of Appetite


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  1. Don
    5 out of 5


    Smells like lemon . AS they described in the description . keep it up

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