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Rose Gold Highlighter Refill Cartridge – CBD 1 to 1

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Rose Gold Highlighter Refill Cartridge –

CBD 1 to 1


What is the Rose Gold Highlighter Refill Cartridge?

Rose Gold is Bloom Farm’s top-of-the-range vaping set. Its refill cartridges fit snugly into the vaping pen, making it easy to switch cartridges whenever you need a new one. This high-quality vaping oil consists of equal parts THC and CBD, and it originates from the company’s own ACDC strain, which comes from Cannatonic, a famously high-CBD strain. It is Sativa-dominant and perfect for discreet daytime use.

ACDC is low in THC. These refill cartridges are not particularly psychoactive, so they will not make you overly stoned. You will just feel the effects, which are energizing, happy, and focused, ideal for use at work or out and about. What is more, Bloom Farms’ Rose Gold is exceptionally tasty, with delightful spicy flavors of lemon and pine. Because of its lack of potency, this is a vaping oil for medical patients.

People use Bloom Farms’ Rose Gold cartridges to treat an array of health conditions, just without the intense buzz associated with THC-rich strains. This oil contains equal parts THC and CBD, making it extremely effective at treating nausea, pain, fatigue, headaches, appetite loss, depression, anxiety, seizures, and more. Because of its full-spectrum purity, this oil promises the full “entourage effect.”

Rose Gold by Bloom Farms is most beneficial for medical patients. Because of its extremely low THC content, potency is minimal. For this reason, recreational users prefer something stronger.

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  1. Davis
    5 out of 5


    What a fantastic CBD cartridge

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