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Rove Haze Vape Cartridge – Sativa – 500mg


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Rove Haze Vape Cartridge – Sativa – 500mg

What is a Haze Vape Cartridge?

The Haze Vaping Cartridge by Rove is easily among the best products for vapers in California. Tested free of heavy metals, solvents, and other contaminants, this oil is pure. What is more, it is potent, measuring a whopping 77 percent THC in just .5 grams of vaping oil. Haze is one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. Its genetics traveled the globe. Now it parents hundreds of new strains worldwide.

Haze is the perfect strain for daytime use. As a Sativa, it has energizing effects. It promises a heady buzz that will keep you focused, creative, busy, sociable, and happy for many hours. This is the strain to help you finally complete those projects gathering dust. Consider a hike, or fixing your house, or DIY goals. However, if you puff on this cartridge before bed, you will not get much sleep. It will keep you awake.

Medicinally, Haze is a special strain. Abundant in a variety of cannabis compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, it offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits. Patients vape this cartridge to relieve pain, nausea, spasms, vomiting, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, appetite problems, inflammation, glaucoma, and more. It is popular among cancer patients, since it relieves the side effects of treatment.

Although loved by many patients, the Rove Haze Vaping Cartridge benefits recreational users too. Everyone adores its potency, its daytime-friendly effects, its tasty flavors, and its thick, vibrant clouds.

THC: 83.60%


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