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Rove Kush Cartridge – Indica – by Rove


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Rove Kush Cartridge – Indica – by Rove


The Rove Kush Cartridge is a popular indica cartridge in California. Prefilled with one half gram of Kush OG buds, you get a potent Indica-dominant vibe only this strain can offer. Expect a great Kush taste and smell. Rove ensures the purest oil from the finest buds anywhere, in both quality and potency.

Rove Kush cartridge is a creeper. Effects are slow to hit, creeping gently over you. With THC levels measuring around 81 percent, this is a potent strain. It promises strong physical effects that last several hours. Its initial buzz is heady, giggly, and euphoric. You will feel sociable and happy. However, being Indica-heavy, it will soon relax you completely; leave you lethargic. In very large doses, Rove Kush can knock you out.

For medical users, Rove Kush carries powerful genetics from both its therapeutically valuable parents. Rich in various cannabinoids and other compounds, you benefit from a myriad of properties. These buds treat insomnia, appetite problems, pain, nausea, vomiting, inflammation, glaucoma, seizures, muscular spasms, depression, anxiety, and so much more. It is especially valuable in mitigating cancer symptoms.

Everybody benefits from Rove Kush cartridge, not medical patients alone. Popular for its notable Kush effects, its incredible potency, and its enjoyable effects, this strain flies off shelves everywhere.

THC: 81.50%

Warning: A separate charger is needed to power this device

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1 Gram, 1/2 Gram, 500MG


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