Product Description

oil syringe 1 Gram

RSO Oil Syringe | 1 Gram | Marijuana Concentrate


Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

Marijuana RSO Oil Syringe – RSO Oil

1 gram

THC: 60.44 mg
CBD: 1.2 mg
CBN: 0.70 mg

This 1 gram Pure RSO oil syringe concentrate provides the best 100% pure Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson Oil or commonly refereed to as RSO is spreading across the cancer community like wildfire, extracted with CO2/RSO system that allows the Cannabinoids to really function properly and fire on all cylinders . this Rick Simpson Oil is exactly what you have been looking for. The Rick Simpson oil is in syringe form and easily applied under the tongue, put into a vaporizer or used to create edibles. PotValet only provides the purest Marijuana products like the Rick Simpson Oil you will find here. The Oil is great for applying under the tongue, to a bowl and infused into your food. Rick Simpson oil is famous for its cancer wonders and is used by many people who have cancer or are fighting off cancer. We make sure we offer the purest Cannabis products on the internet. Buy Rick Simpson oil today from PotValet and buy with confidence.

Why buy the pure RSO Oil Syringe – RSO Oil from PotValet?

Pure Rick Simpson Oil marijuana Oil has a variety of uses and offers the user potency with functionality when it is, absorbed, eaten, vaporized and smoked. RSO oil is sought after for its many medical advantages, which are being found and discovered daily.  There has been a lot of talk surrounding RSO Oil and Cancer. Because this RSO oil is in a syringe, it can be easily applied to whatever method of using cannabis you want.
This healing RSO Oil can be put into a cartridge smoking device or Vaporizer, it can be used for baking, it can also be used to make suppositories, ect.. RSO oil is best used in a Vaporizer to better maintain the integrity of the cannabinoids. Pure RSO Cannabis Oil concentrate is strong and pure. Try Oil syringes today at PotValet, available in Santa Monica and most of Los Angeles county for Cannabis Delivery.

Pot Valet Cannabis Delivery and RSO Oil Santa Monica, Culver city and Beverly Hills | Safely and Legally

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1 Gram


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