White Runtz Pre-Roll by Herbarium- Hybrid- 1 Gram

5.00 out of 5 White Runtz Pre-Roll by Herbarium- Hybrid- 1 Gram
(3 customer reviews)


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White Runtz Pre-Roll by Herbarium- Hybrid- 1 Gram

Runtz weed by Herbarium is a bestselling hybrid strain in California. After all, the potent child of Zkittles and Gelato inherits their tastiness in abundance. Tests find THC levels hovering around 29 percent, and they find no pesticides or other toxins at all. Each joint contains 1 gram of the finest Runtz flower there is. The company grows these buds in the very best conditions, with only your highest satisfaction its priority.

Because of its incredible potency, newbies might want to pause for some caution. In very high doses, this strain can get sleepy fast. Spacey too. However, in normal doses, this is a great strain for anytime use. Anywhere. It starts energetically, with a busy buzz that will have you feeling awake and productive in no time. This gradually turns very relaxing until finally, after several happy hours, it puts you to bed.

Medicinally, this is a very good choice for therapeutic use. Its properties are many and very beneficial for health. You can use this strain to relieve stress, tension, headaches, glaucoma, pain, fatigue, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, depression, cancer, insomnia, vomiting, toxicity, psychosis, attention deficit disorders, muscular spasms, appetite issues, social problems, and the list seemingly never ends.

However, not only patients benefit from Herbarium Runtz. Recreational users do too. Its potency and longevity of effects make this a very popular strain. It is tasty too and will get you through any day.

THC: 31.15%

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1 Gram

3 reviews for White Runtz Pre-Roll by Herbarium- Hybrid- 1 Gram

  1. Jesse
    5 out of 5


    So nice! Thats some FIRE smoke

  2. Michaela
    5 out of 5


    Very nice and strong strain

  3. Retha
    5 out of 5


    Great weed

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