Schamell No. 9

Schamell No. 9 Marijuana Strain – Sativa


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Product Description

Schamell No. 9 Marijuana Strain

What is Schamell No. 9 Marijuana all about?

Purple Frost Genetics’ Schamell No. 9 is a Sativa cannabis strain created from crossing Shaman X Jack Sparrow X Vanilla Kush strains. Based out of Santa Cruz, California, the company produce medical grade premium cannabis flowers that have consistently won awards in competitions such as the Santa Cruz CannaCup, the CaliCannaCup, and HempCon.

Bagging 4 awards since it’s introduction in 2015, Schamell No 9 is popularly known as the champion of sativas. With its moderately high THC content and a sharp tangy smell of fresh oranges and fuel, Schamell No 9 delivers an intense euphoric, energetic high that lasts for hours.

Schamell No. 9 induces the perfect mood for brainstorming, making it well suited for gamers, writers, artists, or anyone with a creative pursuit. Its effects are stimulating and focused, and possess the properties typical of pure sativas. This strain is engaging and stimulating, so it is more suited for use at daytime.

Schamell No. 9 is a top choice for people suffering from fatigue and attention deficit disorders. Its uplifting and relaxing effects may help improve conditions such as depression, low mood, anxiety and stress. It is also an ideal strain for mild to moderate pain, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Classification: Sativa

THC Level: 19%

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