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Select Vapor Oil Cartridge (Indica) Clear Cannabis – 500mg


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Select Vapor Oil Cartridge (Indica) Clear Cannabis – 500mg

One of our favorite cartridges: Select Vapor Oil Cartridge (Indica)
Testing over 70% pure THC
Fractionally extracted Oil producing a clear-extracted look of marijuana oil all natural the way nature intended. No glycerin, No additives, No glycerol.
This Indica cartridge is used for pain relief, inflammation and sleep aptness. Usually after one puff, you will feel the results of this strong Indica cartridge
Select cartridges feature the purest oil on the market. Free of all additives, you are getting 90% pure THC when using these cartridges
Recommended for serious pain relief as these cartridges are highly effective. Experience these Pure Cannabis Oil cartridges today

Select Vapor Oil Cartridge (Indica) Delivery Vacaville and Solano County

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