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SF Oil Company Birthday Cake Cartridges – 1000mg

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Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

SF Oil Company Birthday Cake Cartridges

Testing Over: 82.23% THC

1 Gram


Have you seen the S.F. Oil Company vape cartridges? You’ll surely fall in love with them at first sight! Featuring a semi-translucent gold colored oil concentrate in a glass cartridge, its innovative design provides a classy vaping experience, delivering vapor to your lips by a sleek, oval-shaped mouthpiece.

While it’s just evident that THC concentration is not the sole best indicator of a high quality vape, other factors such as the level of terpenes and the therapeutic effects a cartridge provide goes a long way in gaining the loyalty of consumers. Combining all these makes S.F. Oil cartridges one of the best brands recently introduced to the industry.

The Birthday Cake is indica-dominant strain, and a cross of the extremely flavorful Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. A mix of butter-like, nutty and vanilla flavors will grace your taste buds with every inhale of this delectable, yet potent vape oil. A strain with euphoric and energizing effects, Birthday Cake improves your mood and allay stress and anxiety while deeply relaxing your body, and luring you into peaceful sleep.

Birthday Cake is perfect for treating insomnia, headaches, muscle spasms, pain, arthritis, inflammation and gastrointestinal disorder . If help with lack of appetite or nausea is what you seek, this strain will definitely come in handy.

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1 review for SF Oil Company Birthday Cake Cartridges – 1000mg

  1. Amos
    5 out of 5


    Wow!! great stuff. An effective oil cartridge, taste was smooth and the high was just wonderful

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