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SF Oil Company Cartridges Strawberry OG – 1000mg


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Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

SF Oil Company Cartridges Strawberry OG

Testing Over: 82.23% THC

1 Gram

While the name largely indicates how flavorful the strain is, puffing this Strawberry OG cartridge will provide you with pleasures that go beyond tasteful delight. Not to be confused with another entire strain named OG Strawberry, this Sativa dominant hybrid is a cross of SFV OG Kush and Bruce Banner.

Take a puff from the Strawberry OG cartridge from S.F. Oil Co and experience a strawberry flavored, sweet and earthy sensation. This berry-packed hybrid garners all the ups of a Sativa and the mellow vibes of an Indica to create a hybrid wonder of physical and mental effects.

Strawberry OG offers a psychoactive hit that is loved by creatives. A couple of hits will have you feeling its euphoric, cerebral effect. It gets better if you have art or music projects—so get the inspiration and energy you need to experience your creative breakthrough while enjoying this cartridge.

S.F. Oil Co Strawberry OG cartridge will add just fine to any prescription for chronic pain and inflammation. Its potent sedative properties will soothe out cramps, tension, and improve sleeplessness. There are times you’d need an extra kick to curb your fatigue, lift your mood, or alleviate depression and chronic stress. In any case, you should find yourself reaching for this product time and time again.

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