Shark Shock

Shark Shock Weed Strain – Indica


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Product Description

Shark Shock Weed Strain

Hybrid – Indica

What is Shark Shock Weed?

Shark Shock is a famous Indica strain from the 1990s, having won many awards during its heyday, even winning the High Times Cannabis Cup a few times. Its parents are the notoriously potent White Widow and the world-renowned Skunk #1, which combine to create a truly memorable experience. Its nugs are dense, flavorful, and a delight to behold and its effects are best suited to evening, even nighttime use.

Independent tests measure THC levels around 20 percent. You will feel the effects of Shark Shock near instantly. It starts with a gradual sense of euphoria, washing the mind in happiness and numbing the body with blissful tingles. Eventually, and certainly in large doses, this strain will sedate you, leaving you wonderfully couchlocked with a mad appetite. For most, it is ideal for lazy days at home, perfect for bed.

For medical users, Shark Shock promises the full entourage effect of synergistic healing. Rich in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, even flavonoids, and terpenes, patients benefit from all the benefits that cannabis has to offer. This strain is famously analgesic and a go-to solution for insomnia. It also relieves anxiety, depression, headaches, seizures, muscular spasms, spasticity, cancer, inflammation, and more.

Despite its therapeutic value, patients are not the only ones to benefit from Shark Shock. It is possibly even more popular recreationally, primarily for its wondrous effects, tastiness, and extreme potency.

THC: 19.8%

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