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Summit Boys Skywalker Live Resin Sauce

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Product Description

Summit Boys Skywalker Live Resin Sauce

THC: 865.31mg

What is Skywalker Live Resin Sauce?

Summit Boys’ Skywalker Live Resin Sauce comes in one-gram jars of pure potency. Derived from fresh frozen, while still alive, Skywalker buds, its cannabinoid profile differs to other butane hash-making methods. Potency measures well above 70 percent THC, and Skywalker, itself an evenly balanced hybrid, promises a pleasant Indica-like buzz that flies off both medical and recreational shelves across California.

You will feel effects immediately. It starts with an initial cerebral burst of mental focus, creativity, and energy. Before too long, however, you will start to feel a full-bodied buzz that drains all energy, leaving you pleasantly hazy and unfocused, happy to stay on the couch for the next several hours. In very high doses, too much THC can have an opposite, unpleasant effect. For this reason, caution comes advised.

Medicinally, live resin packs a punch, and derived from Skywalker, this sauce promises a myriad of health benefits. Patients use it to treat chronic and neuropathic pain, all types of pain actually, inflammation, anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, appetite issues, epilepsy, muscular spasms and spasticity, convulsions, and even cancer, as well as its symptoms and the side effects of treating it.

Despite its medical value, recreational consumers benefit from Skywalker Live Resin Sauce by Summit Boys too. Loved for its potency, saucy texture, and incredible potency, it is a favorite across California.

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1 review for Summit Boys Skywalker Live Resin Sauce

  1. Deshawn
    5 out of 5


    This sauce is the bomb bomb!! So dank!

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