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Slurricane Live Resin Cartridge – Indica – by BOM – 500mg


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Slurricane Live Resin Cartridge – Indica – by BOM – 500mg

The Slurricane Live Resin Cartridge by BOM is a very popular vaping product in California. This live resin derives from the famous Slurricane strain, the Indica-heavy child of Dosidos and Purple Punch. It earns respect. Best Organic Medicine uses only natural cold-pressed extraction methods. You get purity. Potency too. Tests find no toxins at all, and whopping THC levels well over 30 percent. Expect stoned.

Stoned is what you will get. Immediately too. This live resin hits hard and it hits fast. You will know the moment it kicks your cerebral cortex. The giggles will soon follow, along with a creative, social vibe. This is a relaxing and calm strain, having Indica dominance. Those that puff too much will soon fall asleep, likely starving. The “munchies” are inevitable. Best advice would be to prepare some snacks beforehand.

Medicinally, Slurricane offers a horde of benefits. Rich in various useful cannabinoids, patients use it to treat headaches, pain, fever, inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress-related disorders, glaucoma, spasms, toxicity, cancers, appetite issues, sleeping problems, muscular woes, nausea, vomiting, seizures, convulsions, and so much more. It is safe, effective, and needs just one puff, maybe two, to feel relief.

Everybody benefits from the BOM Slurricane Live Resin Cartridge. It is popular for recreational use too, and many love it for its intense potency, big fluffy clouds, delightful flavors, and long lasting effects.


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1 Gram, 500MG


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