Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Sour Diesel (Sativa) Marijuana Anderson California


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Product Description

Sour Diesel (Sativa) Marijuana Anderson California

The sour diesel Hybrid strain is now available in Anderson California for Immediate Marijuana delivery in 45 minutes or less. The Sour Diesel strain known as being a potent sweet, tangy, top shelf sativa hybrid strain. Sour Diesel has become a favorite of many Cannabis Connoisseurs throughout California.

What Does Sour Diesel Look Like?

Sour Diesel looks light in green color with orange hairs, covered in white crystals.  When smoked, it has a tangy state almost sour, hence the name.  Whilst the taste is foreign and unique, Sour Diesel is a smooth and surreal smoke.

What do you Expect to feel when using Sour Diesel (Sativa) Marijuana Anderson California ?

The Sour diesel strain generally takes a little while to kick in, so wait for a bit and let the awesome hybrid sativa strain hit you. Once the Diesel hits you, you’ll notice a tremendous difference in your mood and physical feelings, as this bud is some of the best on the market. Expect the strain and the high to last about 2 hours

The Sour Diesel Strain comprises of 90% sativa and 10% indica, and the sativa content allows for use during the daytime as it doesn’t make you feel sleepy or couch bound.  Diesel can be used to treat nausea, pain relief, tremors and can help to increase energy levels in patients.

  • Classification: 90% Sativa/10% Indica
  • Growing Environment: Indoor and Outdoors
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
  • Yield: Above Average
  • THC Range: 17 -25%
  • Medical Uses: Stress, Anxiety, Depression,  Headaches, Fatigue, Relieves Pain and Loss of Appetite

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