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Sour Diesel Wax – Northridge Los Angeles


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Product Description

Sour Diesel Wax San Fernando Valley Los Angeles

Slightly gooey, this wax smells and tastes lemony.  It is concentrated and high in CBD to give a potent and effective experience.  It is produced using the Sour Diesel strain of marijuana.

The sour diesel strain is used to create many hybrid strains.  It is light green in color with bright orange hairs and has a citrus scent.  When smoked, it smells and tastes quite tangy and sour.  Whilst the taste is complex, it is quite a smooth and enjoyable smoke.


What Effect Does Sour Diesel Wax Have?

The effects of sour diesel take a little while to kick in, so you may think at first that you haven’t used enough, but when it does hit you, you’ll really feel the benefits that a bud of this stuff has to offer.  Its high potency allows you to enjoy the experience for around 2 or 3 hours after using it.

This strain comprises of 90% sativa and 10% indica, and the high sativa content means that you can use it in the daytime as it does not make you feel drowsy.  It can be used to treat insomnia, pain relif, nausea and to increase energy levels.


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