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Sour Strawberry weed – Hybrid – by Costal Sun


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Sour Strawberry weed – Hybrid – by Costal Sun

Sour Strawberry weed by Costal Sun is a great hybrid strain combining the wonderful Strawberry strain and Sour OG strain. With unique properties, this cannabis is believed to be one of the best new strains in California. The flowers of this Sour Strawberry have thick buds with a lot of orange hair around and also display a little shade of purple. As the name specifies, this strain smells of sour and sweet cherry pie. The effects of this cannabis are very effective mainly cause the strain tests around 29% THC. The high comes on in minutes, and is long-lasting.

Sour Strawberry possesses both physiological and psychological applications. This marijuana cannabis is mostly used by patients suffering from symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, migraines, bipolar disorder, and various stress-oriented syndromes. When consumed in enough doses, the sedative tendencies of Sour Strawberry can help in relieving insomnia too.

Initially, this strain can cause dry mouth and eyes issues. The strain is best to relax the body and mind, elevating euphoric levels, uplifting moods, and boosting focus. Overall, this is medically favorable cannabis strain that patients prefer to use due to the strains great strength and taste. Get ready to feel happy, relaxed, and more creative after using this unique strain today!

THC: 29%

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