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Spliffin Dante’s Fire Cartridges – Indica – 500mg


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Spliffin Dante’s Fire Cartridges – Indica 


About Spliffin

A company based out of California, Spliffin is committed to producing extremely pure and potent cannabis flowers and concentrates, that ensures the highest levels of purity and potency. Choosing the healthiest cannabis plants grown in greenhouses and farms, Spliffin avoids the uses of herbicides, pesticides, and growth facilitators while using cutting-edge manufacturing processes to extract and refine the plant’s active properties. Spliffin’s propriety techniques produce the purest distillates with unmatched psychoactive potency.

What is Spliffin Dante’s Fire Cartridges concentrate ?

The Dante’s Fire cartridges are triple-refined to the highest quality. A golden distillate made through advanced Cannabis extraction methods, the concentrate contains more than 85 percent THC. Aptly named after the mysterious cannabis activist Alexis Montez, this extremely potent indica dominant hybrid strain has unknown origins. But following the claims of Amsterdam cultivators, Dante’s Fire originated from clandestine Soviet experimentation.

This much loved indica hybrid may have an undisclosed direct parentage but fact is that it originated from Pakistani landrace indicas crossed with the world famous Chitral landrace. Dante’s Fire possesses a full bodied terpene profile that reeks with citrus intensity, piney and spicey overtones.

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