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Spliffin Helio Jack Cartridges – Sativa Hybrid – 500mg


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Spliffin Helio Jack Cartridges

Each 0.5 ml Spliffin PURE Helio Jack Cartridge contains solvent-free vape oil that is extremely potent and true to the taste. The parents of this upbeat, energetic strain remain undisclosed but what’s evident is its predominantly sativa properties. Created as a Clone-only sativa hybrid, Helio Jack features a distinct “planty” terp profile that evokes the aroma of pine.

The PURE line of carts from Spliffin rank among concentrates with the highest level of potency. We can confidently say, that the intensity of its euphoric and uplifting effects is yet unmatched by any other brand. Maintaining its original aroma and flavor profiles, this terpene rich concentrate will work wonders on your mood and energy level. Due to its uplifting, energetic high, this product is most ideal for daytime use.

Helio Jack Cartridges produce effects that last more than 3 hours, medicating you against common symptoms like depression, low mood and anxiety. Due to its energetic effects, the herb may help tackle lethargy or tiredness. It’s ideal in the treatment of chronic pain, headaches, and may also treat nausea.

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