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Spliffin OG Cartridges – Indica – 500mg


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Spliffin OG Cartridges – Indica 


Spliffin OG Cartridges are filled with solvent-free cannabis oil that is made from the best California-grown cannabis plants. The company’s commitment to quality and consistency puts this product on the list of vape oil brands that achieve the highest potency levels. Born of a cross between Classic OG X Larry OG, this indica-dominant varietal inherits the best properties of both parents.

With complex but delectable aroma and flavors, relaxing properties that is hardly matched, and versatile therapeutic benefits, Spliffin OG remains a heavyweight contender in the league of OG Kush varietals. Not many strains that offer an intense and encapsulating buzz while medicating you against a myriad of symptoms and conditions, and Spliffin OG happens to be among the select few.

A wave of relief that melts your anxiety and stress will wash over you with a few hits from the Spliffin OG cartridge. Offering a pleasant blend of cerebral stimulation and body stone, Spliffin OG will help you achieve deep relaxation while staying active enough to handle tasks. It boasts flavors of Lemon zest and pine with floral and slightly pungent undertones.

How can Spliffin OG  Help me ?

Spliffin OG ideal soothes stress, induces appetite by speeding up metabolism, and also treats sleep disorders. This makes it an ideal strain for treating anorexia, nausea and eating disorders. Its sedative properties makes it suitable for night time use as it relieves insomnia. Spliffin OG alleviates chronic pain and anxiety, and some patients find it indispensable for medicating ADD/ADHD.

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