Super Silver Haze Cartridges

Spliffin Super Silver Haze Cartridges – Sativa – 500 mg


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Product Description

Spliffin Super Silver Haze Cartridges

Spliffin, producers of premium grade cannabis concentrates and flowers, are consistent with quality and potency. Offering the Super Silver Haze cartridges as one of their strain-specific varietals, each cart is prefilled with 500 mg of gold colored oil extract, ensuring that each batch of cartridge oil contains +75% of THC.

With Spliffin PURE Premium THC Concentrates, it’s sure to be “good vybes” only. You could see the finely processed oil through the sleekly designed glass and steel casings. It is stylish and easy to use. Super Lemon Haze is a potent and flavor-packed strain that possesses a unique citrus palette. Elements of sweet grapefruit and orange zest blend with an earthy undertone.

What characterizes do these cartridges display? 

Spliffin Super Silver Haze cartridges has uplifting, euphoric effects. An 80:20 sativa-dominant strain, it provides a warm buzz that is felt in both body and mind. It is suitable for treating anxiety, fatigue, pain, and depression.


  • Euphoric
  • Uplifting
  • Happy
  • Relaxed

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Classification: Sativa-dominant Hybrid – 80%

Lineage: Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze X Northern Lights #5

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