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STONES Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies – Indica – 100mg

4.00 out of 5 STONES Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies - Indica - 100mg
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STONES Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies – Indica – 100mg

Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies by STONES are flying off shelves everywhere you go in California. The tasty candies come infused with cannabinoids, extracted using the latest nanotechnology, and flavored with blue raspberry essence. THC levels come dosed at 10 milligrams per gummy, so you get 100 potent milligrams with 10 gummies in a pack. The company calls these gummies ‘sapphires.’ They look the part.

They also feel the part. These are very potent edibles. It might take some time to feel effects, an hour or two, but feel them you undoubtedly will. Because of this initial delay, patience comes strongly advised. Wait it out. Too much THC can feel overwhelming, and since CBN levels are high in these gummies too, they can get very sleepy. You can always have many more, but just make sure you are ready for it first.

Those using cannabinoids medicinally will find these gummies most useful. STONES ensure the finest quality and purity of its products. Cannabinoid content is high. As such, you can use these gummies to relieve anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, inflammation, headaches, pain, cancers, appetite issues, sleeping disorders, muscular problems, glaucoma, toxicity, stress-related woes, and much, much more.

Everybody benefits from STONES Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies, however. They are not for patients alone. Folks love them for their intense flavor, wild buzz, and suitability for evening, even bedtime use.


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1 review for STONES Blue Raspberry Sapphire Gummies – Indica – 100mg

  1. Casandra
    4 out of 5


    Tastes wonderful! Has to be the best gummy edible I have ever had!

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