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Strawpicanna Infused Pre-Rolls – Hybrid – 2-Pack – by Featured Farms


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Strawpicanna Infused Pre-Rolls – Hybrid – 2-Pack – by Featured Farms

Strawpicanna Pre-Rolls by Featured Farms are bestsellers everywhere in California. These tasty readymade joints come made lovingly by hand. Grown in the perfect environment, these joints test pure of all chemicals and contaminants. Available in packs of two, the company guarantees the quality and purity of each of its joints. Potency too, of which tests finds THC levels around a whopping 30 percent.

This is very strong. Newbies especially should take care, but longtime connoisseurs should pause to reflect too. One hit is enough, two at most to feel effects. They hit powerfully with a cerebral rush of energy so busy it will keep you going all day. As the hybrid child of Tropicana Cookies and Strawnana, they are ideal for daytime use. Of course, this is true in moderate doses. Too much can feel nasty. Scary.

Those using cannabis for medical reasons will enjoy much relief from these pre-rolls. Rich in all of the cannabinoids useful in treating disease, patients benefit from the entourage effect of overall healing. You can puff these to manage pain, inflammation, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, seizures, spasms, fatigue, convulsions, headaches, glaucoma, depression, anxiety, cancers, and the list never quite ends.

Despite its therapeutic potential, Featured Farms Strawpicanna Pre-Rolls remain more popular among recreational users. This is primarily due to its potency, as well as its flavor and nicely balanced effects.

Two .5 Gram joints per pack

THC: 32%

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1 Gram, 2 Pack


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