Sugar Stoned Gummy Edibles Unicorn Treats

Sugar Stoned Gummy Edibles Unicorn Treats


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Product Description

Sugar Stoned Gummy Edibles Unicorn Treats

300mg per Bag

10 pieces total

Sugar Stoned Edibles craft extremely delectable edibles infused with THC extracted from natural cannabis compounds. Every single bite you take from this edible delivers sweetness, medicine, and of course, a pleasurable high. With Sugar Stoned Edibles, getting stoned has never been so delicious.

What is the Sugar Stoned Gummy Edibles Unicorn Treats ?

Sugar Stoned Unicorn Treats gummies belong to a line of unique edibles that deliver very powerful psychoactive effects. Born of purity and premium quality, these gummies won’t only effect you with a buzz but will also medicate you on-the-go.

Unicorn Treats features an attractive packaging that makes you anticipate what other delight these edibles may offer. These rainbow colored gummies packs incredibly sweet flavors, tantalizing your olfactory lobes with its fruity, juicy aroma with every piece that goes into your mouth.

Sugar Stoned Unicorn Treats contain 30 mg THC X 10 pieces of edibles (300 MG). Unlike most other edibles that have a planty taste or aftertaste, Sugar Stoned Edibles actually tastes on point. This compliments the potent psychoactive high it delivers. This product is free of harmful substances and contaminants, and is crafted using premium quality ingredients.

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