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Sugar Wax Cannabis Concentrate- 1 Gram


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Product Description

Sugar Wax Cannabis Concentrate – 1 Gram

Sugar Wax concentrates are becoming ever popular due to their strength and purity. The Lemon Fuel Sugar Wax by Focus is an indica-dominant strain of 60/40 ratio, Lemon Fuel produces a motivating buzz and uplifting high that’s typical of strong sativa hybrids. Focus Lemon is a potent strain with an amazing terpene profile. It is a smooth smoke that expresses hints of lemon, orange, and undertones of sour cherry and fuel.

Focus Lemon Fuel has cannabinoid content that consistently goes over 75 percent. Independently tested by Infinite Lab, the concentrate passes through an ethical extraction process that assures quality and safety that meet market standards.

Why should I try the Focus Sugar Wax Concentrates ?

Focus Lemon Fuel Sugar Wax Cannabis concentrate has high analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Its actually known to have beneficial healthy effects on the body. Its psychedelic high and uplifting euphoria makes it a great strain for both medical and recreational users. It is effective in combating chronic pain and exhaustion. It is also a great strain for treating depression, stress, and muscle spasms. Try the Sugar Wax concentrate today for an ultra pure high at PotValet Los Angeles.

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  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Creative



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