Sunset BLVD weed

Sunset BLVD weed strain – Indica – by THC Design

5.00 out of 5 Sunset BLVD weed strain - Indica - by THC Design
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Product Description

Sunset BLVD weed strain – Indica – by THC Design

Sunset BLVD weed by THC design is a fantastic indica strain. From the purple/blue haze to the chunky OG nug structure, Sunset BLVD really stand out from most strains. Sherbert shares 75% of the original Cookies appeal just with the darker hues and more densely packed nugs. Overall these nugs are beautiful. This is truly some of the most appealing bud out there.

Don’t even attempt to hide the smell of this weed. True to its genetics the aroma is an earthier smelling cookies. Mostly a sweet pungent OG mixed with a bit of earthy pine and tad of skunk.

The taste is pure heaven. You really have to taste it to gain a true understanding The inhale is very smooth and the second you begin to exhale you are almost overwhelmed by a truly unique sweet OG pine. The taste lingers for a good while after the hit too!

The high is amazing! Clean and smooth. Totally a relaxing high. Enjoy the Sweet OG taste of the Sunset BLVD strain here today.

THC: 26.46%

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2 reviews for Sunset BLVD weed strain – Indica – by THC Design

  1. Kate
    5 out of 5


    Great unique flavor! Really liked the buds. Covered in crystals and i got soo high

  2. Nick bopz
    5 out of 5


    I was told 3 times this week that this strain is to strong. I said is there such a thing lol. Stinks to all hell huge buds. Great eye appeal. And tho it’s kind of fence it looks nice even as a 1/8. Great strain in all aspects

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