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Sunset Sherbret (Hybrid)


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Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)

Strain Name: Sunset Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties)

Rating: 9.5/10 Simply because I want to believe we can still get better. (we can dream!!!)

Bag Appeal: From the purple/blue haze to the chunky OG nug structure, cookies really stand out from most strains. Sherbert shares 75% of the original Cookies appeal just with the darker hues and more densely packed nugs. Overall these nugs are beautiful. I truly believe it to be some of the most appealing bud out there.

Smell: Dont even attempt to hide the smell of this weed. True to its genetics the aroma is an earthier smelling cookies. Mostly a sweet pungent OG mixed with a bit of earthy pine and tad of skunk.

The taste is pure heaven. You really have to taste it to gain a true understanding The inhale is very smooth and the second you begin to exhale you are almost overwhelmed by a truly unique sweet OG pine. The taste lingers for a good while after the hit too!

High: Lets put it this way. I had to make sure i stopped smoking this stuff a few hours before writing this. Clean and smooth, a relaxing high.

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