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Super Glue Live Resin Cartridge – Hybrid – by BOM – 500mg


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Super Glue Live Resin Cartridge – Hybrid – by BOM – 500mg

The Super Glue Live Resin Cartridge by BOM is a bestselling vape in California. Each .5-gram cartridge contains potent live resin extracted naturally from the Super Glue strain. Super Glue is the Indica-heavy child of Northern Lights and a mystery Afghani landrace. The result is flavor. Powerful effects. Tests find THC levels hovering around 25 percent, making this a potent vape, but still a good choice for newbies.

Caution comes advised nonetheless. Super Glue is famous for its sedating effects. It glues you to your couch, bed, wherever you are, and it does so easily. It causes “munchies” that never satiates. However, it starts gradually with a slow cerebral euphoria that slowly turns very relaxing. Very. Because of this, Super Glue is best for evening and bedtime use. It is not a good strain for getting any real work done.

Those vaping for medical reasons will find much relief from Super Glue. It near cures sleeping disorders. Insomnia is simply impossible after a few puffs. Further, tests find cannabinoids effective at treating a variety of health issues. Many use it to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, pain, inflammation, appetite problems, cancers, epilepsy, muscular spasms and related disorders, convulsions, and so much more.

However, everybody benefits from the BOM Super Glue Live Resin Cartridge, especially recreational users. It is tasty, pleasantly potent, and with the mind-numbing effects expected of a good Indica strain.


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